The never-give-up attitude of Centaurians

In its effort to prepare the students for the entrance university exam on 16th of May, Alfa Centauri runs a weekend school camp program also known as “lesehan” where XII grade students do an intensive study at school in the afternoon until dawn. The first week was taught by Math teachers, and the second week was taught by Physics and Geography teachers.

No matter what the subject is, it could be seen that they really have that spirit of being Centaurians, the hardworking traits which are known and seemed to be passed down from the first born-Centaurians in 2003. It is this never-give-up attitude which defines the word Centaurians itself and attribute to their academic success.

So, to all Centaurians, keep up the spirit! Be the star we are known for, we pray all the best for you and hope that all this hard work finally pay off.


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